Application Forms

Please fill out the necessary forms below in order to complete your child's application process

Admissions Application

All prospective parents must fill out the admissions application online via our website. Prior to filling out your child's application, kindly make sure you have set up your FACTS account HERE and paid the $250 registration fee.

Universal Health Form

After you have completed the online admissions form, please print and fill out the Universal Health Form with your child's primary care physician. Once you have signed and added all the required fields, kindly bring the document with you to your next in-person visit at Gan Kochavim. Your child's application will not be accepted without completing this step.

Allergy & Medication Permission

Solely for parents with children who have allergies or special medication requirements. Gan Kochavim is unable to administer any medication or accept a child's application without parental consent and allergy specifications.

Emergency Contact & Information

If you have not already filled out your child's emergency contact information on the online application, or if the information you have filled out has changed since the application submission date, kindly fill out this online form.

Feeding Plan For Infants

A written plan shall be maintained on file and available for the caregiver of any child less than 18 months of age. Please fill out the online feeding plan form to ensure we adhere to your child's specified nourishment needs.

Camp & Mini Camp Application

Our Summer camp program takes place each year between the moths of June - August. We accommodate all ages Infant - Pre K. Mini-camp dates are sent to all parents at the beginning of each school year, and are offered as optional additions at enrollment. We accommodate all ages infants-4 years old, including siblings who are not registered at GKP during the regular school year.