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Safety & School Closings

Parents will be called immediately, not only if their child is ill, but also in case of an emergency. Please be sure that all of your contact information on file with the school is up-to-date so that we are able to contact you easily. If the staff is unable to reach you, they will proceed with obtaining medical attention as they deem appropriate.

Fire Safety

Fire drills are held on a monthly basis. Emergency Evacuation Procedures diagrams are posted in each classroom, and each teacher has a class list and a cell phone.

Snow Days

The Preschool will close when weather conditions make driving or walking dangerous. If the New Jersey public schools are delayed two hours, there will be no sessions. We adhere to the Passaic public school schedule for weather related closings only.

In the event of a closing or delay, the class representative or a teacher will contact your home between 6:30 and 7:00 AM to advise you of the closing or delay. In addition, an email message will be sent to the email addresses on file, advising you of any delay or closing.

On days when the weather deteriorates after school has begun, the decision may be made to close school early. In that case, every parent or caregiver will be called, and staff will remain at school until all children have been picked up.

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