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Conferences & Communication

Parent-Teacher Conferences will be scheduled two times during the school year, once in the fall and winter. The purpose of these meetings is to create mutual understanding of your child and his/her needs. Parents also meet with the teachers to review the child’s curriculum, review goals, and focus on all areas of development.

Additionally, teachers may schedule conferences as they feel necessary, and parents are encouraged to bring concerns about their children directly to the teacher and to the Director. Should you wish to speak with your child’s teacher, please send a note with your child, email the teacher, or call the Preschool office, and the teacher will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time to talk.

It is very important that parents inform the teacher and/or Director of any significant changes that may occur in the normal routine at home. We want to be as sensitive as possible to each child and his/her family.

Teachers prepare periodic newsletters in the classrooms, and Daily Blogs to keep parents informed of classroom activities. These newsletters provide parents with specific information about the current curriculum while highlighting books, songs, activities, and skills the class has been enjoying.

Individual Needs

All children develop, grow, and learn in a variety of ways. Our Preschool staff is committed to identifying and working with these individual differences as children move along their developmental path.

The Preschool welcomes and supports outside professionals working with our children in the classrooms. Parents are responsible for informing teachers and the Director about specific arrangements that have been made. Teachers make every effort to attend Early Intervention and CPSE (Committee on Preschool Special Education) meetings in the school district for the children in their classrooms.

Strict confidentiality is assured in all of these areas. Most importantly, please inform teacher at the beginning of the school year if your child is already being evaluated or receiving services.

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