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  • To provide an enriching, nurturing environment for children to thrive and develop to their fullest potential

  • To provide the tools children will need to succeed emotionally, educationally, physically, cognitively, and spiritually

  • To give children a positive and enjoyable pre-school experience that will provide the foundation for their elementary education

  • To provide an atmosphere in which children can develop independence and are encouraged to think for themselves

  • To provide an atmosphere in which children develop positive relationships with their peers

  • To establish an environment in which each child’s individual strengths are developed

  • To establish a child-centered classroom, in which children are encouraged to explore, experiment, and investigate in a structured environment

  • To provide ample time for children to learn through play

  • To develop each child’s self-confidence and foster self-sufficiency

  • To encourage each child’s self-expression

  • To develop each child’s love for Judaism and Torah and deepen their relationship with G-d

The Child

Each and every child has the potential to bring something unique and extraordinary to the world. We want to help children to develop their full potential by helping them believe in themselves. We assist children in discovering their individuality, helping to give them the confidence to express their own opinions and cultivate their own ideal.

The Classrom

Our classrooms present distinct communities of learners who vary in their abilities and learning styles. We desire to give children the tools that nurture the seeds of their individual learning, and that help them become valued members of the community. We focus on identifying the needs of each child so that all learners can feel capable and successful. We present lessons that engage the children’s interest, making learning relevant to their lives, and to the greater community. We utilize hand-on activities in themes, projects, group work, and individual work to help children become dynamic and passionate learners.

The Process

Teaching is a lifelong process of learning new philosophies, strategies, ideas, and processes. We learn from the parents, the community, our colleagues, and most especially, from the children. Children teach us to open our minds and hearts to joy, innocence, and curiosity. They remind us of the enormous diversity of ideas in the world. We cherish the gift of their presence in our lives, and always remember that they come first.

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